Teeth Whitening

Signature Smiles Dental takes an opportunity to welcome you for the high-quality solution of the teeth whitening in Glenside with fast recovery and seamless experience. As we grow day by day, our teeth start losing the natural color with other dental problems. There can be many reasons for the discoloration of teeth such as high colored beverages, illness, genetics, improper habits of brushing, fluoride, plaque, smoking, intake of medications, liquors, etc which can damage the entire look of teeth. 

Tooth whitening is considered as the best cosmetic solution by our dental specialists and professionals to brighten and enhance the look of teeth. It is a widely popular cosmetic dental process that maintains the white color of teeth. The professional teeth whitening process is done in two ways, one is at home and the other is in the office depending on the recommendations of dental specialists. 

Tooth whitening options

1. In-office treatment - This is the common and fastest method of teeth whitening procedure which involves trays filled with bleaching solution to improve the appearance of teeth. It comparatively takes lesser time from other dental solutions. Here, the bleaching solution is directly applied to the teeth which combine with heat, light, and laser.

2. At-home treatment – It is a self-done teeth whitening process that requires products of low concentration hydrogen peroxide, strips, and trays. This gives you a choice of whitening trays, strips, and paints.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Tooth whitening is done either by removing the stained surface from the enamel or changing the color of dentin. Our teeth can be discolored or stained in two ways intrinsic and extrinsic.

• Intrinsic Discoloration – This type of discoloration happens when the inner layer of teeth gets stained or becomes yellow. It is found inside of the tooth which is caused by trauma, dental caries, fluorosis, internal resorption, root canal treatment, aging, amalgam fillings, genetic disorders, etc.

• Extrinsic Discoloration – This discoloration happens when the outer layer of the tooth gets stained or become yellow. Causes such as smoking, beverages, betel chewing, dental plaque, medications, calculus, metallic compounds, etc are responsible for extrinsic discoloration. 

Signature Smiles Dental understands the importance of white and bright teeth in one’s life. That’s why we are offering an effective and fastest solution of the teeth whitening in Glenside with the complete dental checkup. Our goal and objective are to fulfill the patient’s satisfaction with 100% transparency.

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