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At Signature Smiles Dental, we strive to ensure good dental health and provide a beautiful smile to the locals of Glenside and surrounding areas. Our affordable dentures and all on 4 Implants treatment are the most convenient and easiest way to restore your appearance with appealing and natural-looking teeth. 

Getting dentures is helpful when:

• You have lost all your teeth.
• You have lost some of your teeth.
• You are looking to regain your beautiful smile by filling the gaps caused by missing teeth with realistic teeth.
• You are facing issues in chewing or speaking due to missing teeth. 

Affordable Dentures in Glenside

We know that a beautiful smile can do wonders. It boosts your confidence, lifts your self-esteem, sends good vibes, and reflects that you are happy from inside. But not being able to speak correctly or smile confidently can take away all of this. Our dentists take pride in offering cosmetic dentistry solutions including affordable dentures to brighten, straighten, repair, or improve your teeth. 

To ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort during your treatment, our Glenside dentist focuses on a more secure approach – implant-supported dentures rather than using traditional dentures. 

At our Glenside dental office, we offer two approaches to suit your budget, comfort, and requirements: the removal approach and the fixed approach. 

Snap-like Attachments (for removal approach)

Our patients don’t have to go through issues associated with typical floating removable dentures such as slipping, frustration, adhesives, maintenance, and pain. We use implant-supported dentures that easily snap into place and give the feel of natural teeth. 

About 80% of conventional upper denture is just there to provide suction and this major part includes your palate and peripheral flanges. All of this can be relieved by using snap like attachments on dental implants to hold dentures.

All on 4 Concept (for fixed approach)

With our all on 4 implants treatment, people in Glenside and neighboring areas can say goodbye to their removable dentures. Through this treatment, a full arch of teeth can be replaced with our cutting-edge implant-supported dentures, all on 4 implants. 

There are several advantages to consider this treatment, such as:
• Your new artificial teeth will look and function like the natural ones. 
• In the end, you will have fully functional replacement teeth and gain greater stability and a high level of confidence. 
• Generally, this treatment doesn’t require bone grafting and can be completed with only four implants in the top and bottom side in your mouth. 
• Recovery time is much less and it comes with fewer complications due to minimal implants needed. 

If you have the problem of multiple or all missing teeth, contact Signature Smiles Dental in Glenside for affordable dentures and all-on-4 implants to save your time, money and minimize discomfort. 

To book an appointment, call us @ (215) 623-9363.

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